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The Horoscope is the card of paradise of a particular geographical point and place on a given time. The card is known as HOROSCOPE during the time of birth. Horoscopes are made according to the Sign of the Moon. A detailed study of the date of birth is made for the study of astrology. The report causing the Analysis of Astrology of Career, the Analysis of Financial Astrology, Wedding astrology, the Astrology of Health, Child's astrology and the advice of astrology and the cure of astrology, the stony analysis of precious stone matter a lot. Fundamental counting of astrology and born graph of astrology are required for the ultimate solution. Fundamental counting is based on the date of birth.

The Fundamental counting of Astrology and astrology chart with the detailed Predictions of Astrology is necessary. The reading of the birth chart includes all the counting. The prediction of astrology based on the born star and ancestry. The Predictions of Astrology are founded on the astrology of the sign of Moon, Planetary positions in houses, lord's Position of home, specific important Yogas and the planetary periods.

The Principal Graph along with the mentioned things such as the Nirayana Planetary Position, the Position of Bhava holds the importance. The Sayana Planetary Position, the Table of Varga, the Graphs Upto Vimsavarga, Panchada Maitri Chakra, the Table of Vimsopakam and the Graph, the Table of Upgraha and Graphs, Ashtak Varga (Prasara, Before the Discount, After the Discount of Trikona, and After the Discount of Ekadhipatya) cannot be ignored at all. The reading of HOROSCOPE gives the cure of astrology for the required planets.


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